MOSEM Teacher Seminar

MOSEM Teacher Seminar at Science on Stage 2 in Grenoble. Photo by Vegard Stornes Farstad, courtesy of SRD

The MOSEM Teacher Seminar covers our Minds-On approach to teaching and learning which can be described as “Hands-On with the brain connected to the hands”.  We apply this learning philosophy to selected experiments in electromagnetism and superconductivity with the Low-Tech and High-Tech experimental equipment kits, connecting these real experiments with corresponding animations with qualitative illustrations of the different concepts in the SUPERCOMET Online Modules.

We do not aim to cover all topics within the MOSEM Teacher Seminar, but rather going in depth and demonstrating the principle in detail with a few experiments so that participants can carry out the other experiments according to the same principles. We have worked out a detailed program for a set of Teacher Seminars that build on each other and focus on different parts of the materials.

Download the files for the MOSEM Teacher Seminar (around 14 MB) and follow the instructions in the MOSEM Teacher Guide in order to use the files as intended for the different parts of the Teacher Seminar.




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