MOSEM² Website ready for MPTL’16 / HSCI 2011 in Ljubljana

Logo for MPTL-16 / HSCI 2011

The MOSEM² Results website is now publicly available, on the occasion of the MPTL’16 / HSCI 2011 conference in Ljubljana. We are still working on some of the features and contents, and once setup of the English version is completed we will set up the other language versions (as copies of the English one, with partners editors who can translate to their own language).

We ask for some patience during this period, and welcome all of your comments for corrections and improvements. Please use the contact form, it makes it easier for us to collect the feedback in one place.

Also, please connect/link to us on social media (,,, and other links below) and spread the word, we hope our resources might be of use for physics educators across Europe and the rest of the world.


The article was written on 2011-09-14, in the category Nowości, Wydarzenia.

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